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Australia Foils Terrorist Plot

MELBOURNE, Australia — Australian police said Tuesday they thwarted a terrorist plot in which extremists with ties to an Al Qaeda-linked Somali Islamist group planned to invade a military base.

7 arrested in North Carolina on terrorism charges

"These arrests today show there are people living among us, in our communities in North Carolina and around the U.S., that are honing their skills to carry out acts of murder and mayhem..."

PBS Exposes Extremism at West Virginia Mosque

PBS has aired a special called "The Mosque in Morgantown" about the struggle of a moderate Muslim woman against extremists at a mosque in West Virginia. The expose, which premiered June 15, follows Asra Nomani, who challenges sexism and intolerance at the mosque, provoking a backlash by the extremist congregation and moderates who feel she's being too confrontational and are angry at the negative media attention she has caused.

New Al Qaeda Book on 'Muslim Spies' Paints Picture of Weakened Group, Experts Say

A new book published by Al Qaeda shows that the terrorist group is under intense pressure and in "deathly fear" of U.S. counterterrorism efforts in Pakistan, terror experts say.

Could the U.S. Ban the Burqa, Too?

The French Republic is not blessed or burdened with a First Amendment. So when President Nicolas Sarkozy recently suggested that France ban the wearing of the burqa in all public places, the Chamber of Deputies took it up. Muslims agree that the faith requires "modest" dress on the part of women. Beyond that, things get disputatious. Some argue that the face must be veiled. Others deny it. Both cite Quranic authority.

Somalis in Minnesotta Indicted On Sending Muslims to Jihad

The report says that the investigation into the disappearing Somalis that are believed to have gone to their native country has gone beyond Minneapolis and now includes Seattle, Columbus, Cincinnati, Boston and San Diego.

Muslim NHS dentist 'tried to force patients to wear traditional Islamic dress'

Omer Butt, 32, whose brother Hassan used to be spokesman for the banned radical Muslim group Al Muhajiroun, ordered female patients to wear headscarves and forced men to take off gold jewellery before allowing them into the dentists' chair. He even kept a box full of hijabs at his practice so he could lend them to women before checking their teeth. Butt enforced his religious dress code despite previously being warned by the General Dental Council for the same offence.

Iran rules out annulment, Tehran crowds gather

Iran's top legislative body on Tuesday ruled out annulling a disputed presidential poll that has prompted the biggest street protests since the 1979 Islamic revolution, but said it was prepared for a partial recount.

Supreme Leader of Iran: Muslim Nations 'Hate America'

Iran's Ayatollah Ali Khamenei said that "beautiful speeches" could not remove the hatred felt in the Muslim world against America. "People of the Middle East, the Muslim region and North Africa -- people of these regions -- hate America from the bottom of their heart..." Khamenei also denounced Israel as a "cancerous tumor in the heart" of the Islamic world.

Deciphering Obama in Cairo

By and large, President Obama's address yesterday in Cairo has been well received in both the so-called "Muslim world" and by other audiences. Nobody may be happier with it, though, than the Muslim Brotherhood - the global organization that seeks to impose authoritative Islam's theo-political-legal program known as "Shariah" through stealthy means where violent ones are not practicable. Egyptian Muslim Brothers were prominent among the guests in the audience at Cairo University and Brotherhood-associated organizations in America, like the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), have rapturously endorsed the speech.

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