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Terrorism's triumphant techniques

Our terrorist enemies are out-thinking us. It's not only embarrassing, but deadly. They ask themselves, "What works?" We ask ourselves what the lawyers will say.

Taliban blow up Pakistan girls school

The Taliban blew up a girls' school in Pakistan's Khyber district, where troops are fighting against militants in the tribal region bordering Afghanistan, an official said Wednesday. Militants detonated explosives overnight at the government-run school in Bazgarah town. Local administration chief Shafeerullah Wazir told AFP by telephone, there were no casualties because the property was empty at the time. "Taliban and their local allies are responsible. They are destroying educational institutions to avenge the military operation against their hideouts in the area," said Wazir.

Harassment across Arab world drives women inside

The sexual harassment of women in the streets, schools and work places of the Arab world is driving them to cover up and confine themselves to their homes, said activists at the first-ever regional conference addressing the once taboo topic.

U.S. sees homegrown Muslim extremism as rising threat

Anti-terrorism officials and experts see signs of accelerated radicalization among American Muslims, driven by a wave of English-language online propaganda and reflected in aspiring fighters' trips to hot spots such as Pakistan and Somalia.

Somali woman stoned to death for adultery

The Associated Press reports a judge for an Islamic militant group in Somalia says a woman has been stoned to death and her boyfriend given 100 lashes for having an affair.

There Is No Honor; There's Only Killing

Noor Almaleki, a 20-year-old Muslim in Texas was killed by her father in what is considered the latest "honor killing" in America.

Uncontrolled Muslim Influx a Threat to the West

It is extremely difficult to talk honestly about Muslim immigration. All generalisations about it are subject to countless exceptions. Muslims are very different from each other. Most are reasonably successful. But a much bigger minority end up with social, political, extremist or other problems resulting from a lack of integration than is the case with any other cohort of immigrants in Western societies. A lack of honest discussion about this results in bad policy.

Saudi female activist: I don't need a male guardian/Saudi princess: Oh yes, you do

In July 2009 a Saudi women's rights activist called for abolishing the mahram ("guardian") law, which requires women to obtain the approval of a male relative for nearly any move they make in their lives. The Saudi Princess shot back with her own campaign called "My Guardian Knows What's Best For Me." Omigosh! It's just a signed piece of paper every woman needs from the man in her life in order to walk out the front door of her house. What's the problem, girlfriend?

Let them meet the neighbors

As President Obama scrambles to meet a self-imposed deadline of January 2010 for closing down Gitmo, he has his eye on a maximum security prison in Standish, Michigan as a possible destination for transferring detainees. But local officials have been denied a request to visit Guantanamo to gather information about prisoners who may soon be calling Standish home.

Tackling the other Taliban

Militants of the Mehsud tribes represent one of the most formidable of several tribally based Islamist gangs in north-west Pakistan. The army now vows to crush them.

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