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Manhattan public school adds mandatory Arabic class

A Manhattan public elementary school will begin requiring students to take a mandatory Arabic class for 45 minutes twice a week. The school will deal with students who object to taking the course on a case-by-case basis.

Moderation, Saudi-Style

Saudi women can vote???? Well maybe not exactly...they will be allowed to "participate in the nomination of candidates" in municipal elections. It is unclear that this equates to a right to vote in elections. What passes for "elections" in the Saudi monarchy is a bifurcated procedure in which candidates first are nominated by amassing a required threshold of support and later compete in an election. The most sensible interpretation of the decree is that women will partake in part one but not part two.

Iran Prepares to Execute Christian Pastor

Iranian judiciary demands Christian Pastor Nadarkhani renounce his faith or face execution. He has twice refused to renounce his faith and has one last chance to do so.

Shariah for All (interview)

Frank spends an hour with Sharia proponent, Anjem Choudary, on imposing Sharia in Europe then America and ultimately worldwide; as well as the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. Hear the interview here:

Irresponsible to Consider Shariah Part of US Law

Allowing Shariah to be relevant in U.S. courts completely ignores the rights of those who do not practice Shariah, and in so, doing endangers their lives. The family practices that Shariah allows and even encourages include beating women, polygamy, and forcing underage girls to marry older men. Women and girls within Islam need American laws to protect them from the injustices of Shariah.

CAIR Fights Oklahoma Anti-Sharia Law, Not Jihadis

A federal judge, Vicki Miles-LaGrange, issued a temporary restraining order blocking Oklahoma’s new state constitutional amendment—that had just been approved by 70% of the vote—which forbids courts to decide cases using Islamic law (Sharia). The Hamas-linked Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is trying to block the law, and for now they’ve succeeded: The restraining order will remain in place until another hearing on November 22. “Will Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani be available to testify?” No, Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is awaiting death by stoning in Iran after being falsely convicted of adultery. That’s Sharia.

Pakistani man charged after falling for fake bomb plot against DC subway

A Virginia resident, Farooque Ahmed, was arrested Wednesday and charged with trying to help people he believed were al-Qaida operatives planning to bomb subway stations around the nation's capital, the FBI said. The FBI said the public was never in danger because its agents were aware of the man's activities before the alleged planning took place and monitored him throughout.

Germany proposes putting a stop to forced marriages

Germany's government on Wednesday proposed criminalizing forced marriage, a tradition that some Muslim immigrant families impose on their children, even ones who were raised in Germany's more liberal society. Chancellor Angela Merkel's Cabinet agreed to a proposed law that would make forced marriage in Germany a crime that can be punished with up to five years in prison. The legislation still needs to pass parliament.

YOU MAY BEAT YOUR WIFE if you do not leave a bruise

The highest court in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) ruled that a man is allowed to beat his wife and children as long as he does not leave bruises or other marks, local newspaper The National reported Monday. “Although the [law] permits the husband to use his right [to discipline], he has to abide by the limits of this right,” wrote Chief Justice Falah al Hajeri in a ruling issued this month and released in a court document Sunday. The limit, as the court defines it, is physical evidence of a beating that takes the accepted punishment to a more severe level. According to Islamic law, the man of the house is permitted to use physical discipline against his family if no bruises appear.

Islam is a government, not a faith

If the mosque in New York City was truly a center for all religions to come together, it would have been announced by the imam along with a board that included the archbishop, the Episcopal bishop, the senior rabbi and the heads of other faiths in the city. In place of the above, we are told the mosque must be built by Muslims or America could be attacked. Pope Benedict XVI reminded us that Islam rides up to the city gates and says "my way or suffer." This is a 21st-century view from the walls of the city at the hordes now within the walls. Islam is not a "religion" in the American sense. It is a governmental system the same as communism, socialism, democracy, etc. Once we place it in the correct category, we will deal with it correctly. We have countries that are Islamic countries, socialist countries, communist countries and democracies. Most nations, except Muslim countries, have all religions represented. Muslim countries oppress all religions other than Islam. So for Americans, Islam is not a religion as we understand the word. Call it what it is and we can deal with it.

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