About us

TheirOwnWords.com is a project of Let Freedom Ring, Inc., a public policy non-profit [501 (c)(4)] organization whose website is www.LetFreedomRingUSA.com. Our goal is simple and straightforward: to raise awareness among Americans concerning the statements of radical Jihadists. Our goal is not to add to the chorus of those who attempt to describe the Jihadists in our words – but rather, to let the words of the Jihadists speak for themselves. Most Americans never see these words in context, so our project makes it easy for average English-speaking American citizens to see up-to-date examples of these statements, both in the speakers’ original language (audio) and as translated into English (subtitle and translated articles.) Our TV spot campaign is designed to encourage viewers to visit the website.

We do not have a specific political agenda other than promoting awareness. It is our conviction that ignorance almost always produces bad policy, and only through education can we build the basis for sound policy-making.

We stress the point that Islam is not the enemy. In fact, a portion of our website is dedicated to showcasing the opinions and contributions of Muslims whose faith is consistent with the goals and values of democracy and peace.